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 Rules: Basics

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PostSubject: Rules: Basics   Sat Feb 04, 2017 4:41 pm

Alright! Time to get to some rule setting!

-Try to keep it PG-13:
    By that mean, try to keep any swearing to a realistic minimum. Keep anything to sexual to PMing  (Private Messages). And do your best to overall remember this is a respectful RP.
-Respect in All Ways
    Respect all RPers and their OCs. Which means do not ghost unless asked and approved to, no godmodding of any kind, and no changing or establishing of another RPer's OCs.
-Admins are Key
    If you have any questions to be asked, or suggestions to be made, don't be afraid to ask the admin. Especially if you have a huge plot that you'd like to incorporate!

-Use an OC Character Sheet
Don;t mae up your own character sheet please. We, as admins, have carefully designed one that goes coherently with the RP for all of this.
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Rules: Basics
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